• One of the most important parts of my life these days is being grounded.  When I am grounded and centered I am a creative, kind, open and pretty cool person.  When I am not, well let’s just say its not pretty.

      The best way for me to get there is to meditate.   It is astonishing to me how many people think they can’t meditate.  I often hear people say “I can’t not think for more than 10 seconds”.  I am here to tell all you folks in that bucket, that’s not the point.  The point is that you are aware you are thinking about dinner and then you focus on the awareness of that, really be aware that you are thinking (not the content mind, just the fact that you are thinking – thoughts are not real, they are just thoughts).  Hang in there for a few seconds and then you’ll probably go back to planning your trip to the groceries and then you are aware of that. Rinse and repeat. It’s ordinary and it’s magic… here’s why…

      Doing this, a lot, has made me more aware in real time.  Now, it’s way more likely, when I am annoyed, I slow it down before I speak.  When I am happy, I enjoy it but I don’t try to hang on to it (read: less controlling).  When I keep watches, I remember to look around all 360 degrees not just in front. When I am afraid, I can think.  When I am coaching, I notice my judgments, put them aside and ask great questions.  Good stuff, eh?

      I have found the Insight Timer a really useful app, and its free!

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