• OK … so I wrote a one minute elevator speech….

      • About 7 years ago I decided I wasn’t going to settle any more. I decided to become an adventurer – I now firmly believe what Helen Keller said “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”.
      • And I want to take you all with me as I head off on my off shore cruising adventure to the South Pacific, Indonesia, Japan and beyond. While I do that I will continue to build my adventure coaching business
      • What I do best is help people, make the same type of courageous decision I have. I help them define and step into their biggest, best and most adventurous life.
      • What I need are clients that are poised, teetering on the edge of the dock, they are in but not all in, something making them play a little small
      • Go to my website or refer a friend and find out what kind of adventurer you are with my cool quiz and contact me for a free initial coaching session at helenrobertscoaching.ca

      I’d love your feedback:)

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