• ready makingGetting ready means endings and endings are sneaky. A couple of days ago I was collaborating with on a work project with a close friend and colleague. We were doing the final edits on a project and I immediately found myself feeling incredibly grumpy. Worse I was unaware that I was grumpy.

      Bless my friend who asked, “Helen is there something wrong”? At that moment all I could come up with was that we were doing detail work, which is hell for me. However, with some sober second thought I realized that was that this was one more part of letting go. You see shortly after she and I were meeting I was to go to a networking meeting. Something I never have to do in my current job. Promoting myself is inherently uncomfortable for me and my fear was making me jittery.

      Bottom line

      I think the bottom line is that while I “know” change is a process, it’s so important to remember that hijacks are inevitable. I so appreciate my friend pointing out what was going on. It speaks to the value of close, trusting relationships. And I appreciate myself for going deeper and getting into what was really going on for me. I am now reworking how I think about networking, I’m a little more tuned into my transition and I vow to keep looking beneath the surface.

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