• The patterns of thought, the ‘shoulds’, the dreams and schemes in our personal life tend to show up in our professional life as well.

    • Adventure Coaching

      Personal and professional coaching may differ in subject matter but follow a similar process, and are mutually supportive. Insights and positive change we make in work relationships impact other relationships in our life. 

      I bring deep listening and thoughtful questions to help you clarify your own direction. Sometimes challenging your perceptions and always holding out the possibility there are myriad choices you could make.

    • Professional/Leadership Coaching

      In professional/work settings I work with strong individuals. These leaders have many strengths and want to take their leadership to a new level.

      Leadership happens in all aspects of life – at work, at play, in our volunteer work and at home. Much of my work is with those who are already skilled leaders. Leaders, who know they can offer more. I help them connect with who they are at their deepest core and together we determine how they can bring their unique gifts to their leadership role. The impact can be astounding!

    • Team Coaching

      Much of our work in the world is done with others, informally or within formal team structures. The ability to collaborate, to think clearly and to act creatively together is essential.

      Team coaching is a powerful tool in strengthening collaboration, dealing with difficult or pervasive problems, and when needed, getting ‘unstuck’. It can ignite the passion and commitment to move beyond being a good, well-functioning team to becoming a great team!

    • This is where I come in!

      The foundation of the work I do is based on systems thinking. All voices, including those saying unpopular things, are viewed as voices that reflect something that needs to be heard. I don’t work with the idea that someone or something needs to be fixed. My role is to help the team see the answers that are emerging and to take ownership of the decisions for moving forward.

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