• Change is how life happens

      I work with people who want and need to make deeply meaningful changes in their personal and/ or professional life. This change that may challenge what they know, how they do things and who they see themselves to be. My clients are courageous people who want to step boldly into their future.

      Change "is" life

      Your change may be voluntary, an internal urge, a longing for more. Or, it may have been caused by an external event - the loss of a job, an illness, a performance conversation, or the end of a relationship. Regardless of your motivation adventure coaching helps you define you best next goal.

    • We don't always have a choice about the changes that impact our life.


      We do, however, have a choice about how we will approach and respond to these changes.

      Adventure speaks to me of opening up to life. Stepping into the unknown with its risks and rewards. This is my approach with clients.

      I believe each of us has a unique way of being in the world that brings us joy and that when tapped, allows us to contribute beyond our wildest imaginings. My role is to listen, to ask questions and to mirror back what may not be seen. To help surface what needs to be said and what buried wishes want to be revealed.

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