• The moment that launched my current adventure happened a few years ago during a walk through the dense, lush forest on Vancouver Island.

      Out of the blue I asked my husband “What would you love to do if we chucked all the retirement plans out of the window?” With no hesitation he said “I want to go sailing for 2 years and then figure it out from there.” With the same lack of hesitation I responded, “I would love that too.”

      We both knew in that moment that everything had changed. It was a fit, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Everything else was, and is, just details...

    • Lots of details! Selling our house and contents, buying a boat, making it seaworthy, to name just a few. As the security of our old life receeded into the distance, there have been many second-guesses. These are precious moments where I take the opportunity to feel the uncertainty and fear and to choose to continue moving forward anyway, one step at a time.


    • The strength I draw on to navigate this current change has not always been present in my life. My sailing adventure begins well before we lose the sight of shore. It has made me lean into skills I have developed as life events were thrust upon me. I now use what helped me in the past, I am conscious of what got in the way, I know what I wished was available. And, as a result, I know what I can offer to others also navigating their own turbulent waters.

      This is my calling! My way of giving back for the support I have had and continue to have when I find myself in uncharted waters. There is nothing quite like seeing new possibilities light up someone’s face. To know that through compassionate listening and powerful questions I have helped a client feel the freedom of knowing they can do what they long for, and that it doesn’t have to be so hard!

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