• Kind words from grateful clients

    • Scott Harrison RN(C) BScN MA CCHN(C)

      Director of Strategy & Transformation - Urban Health, Mental Health and Substance Use

      Adjunct Professor of Nursing, UBC    

    • “Receiving coaching from Helen has been the most important leadership development support I have received in my career. She has supported me throughout my progression into senior leadership and my work in a challenging, complex and often chaotic health care system. Helen’s approach, skills and knowledge are simply transformational."
    • "The work Helen has done was instrumental in creating organizational change, including creating a “coach like culture” for my team. Helen brings a combination of strengths: group facilitation, leadership training and staff development planning, and powerful one-on-one coaching for success."
    • Steve Kellock

      Sr. Manager Recreation Service & Facilities,

      City of West Vancouver  

    • Valerie Liberty

      Owner, Thinner Life Coaching    

    • "Coaching with Helen always leaves me in a place where I am reminded of the best parts of myself, feeling excited, energized and confident while seeing directions or possibilities I hadn't considered on my own. Intuitive, warm and insightful, she can somehow challenge me and make me feel grounded all at the same time."
    • "When it comes to coaching, Helen is a natural! Having engaged her several times over the years, her genuine interest in me shines through. Helen challenges me with tough, insightful questions that help me see things through a different lens but at the same time she helps me keep a perspective that is consistent with my values.
    • Elaine McDonald

      Organizational Development Manager

      National Energy Board of Canada   

    • Julie Kille

      Patient Care Manager,

      Providence Health Care, Vancouver

    • "Working with Helen helped me to uncover my true boundaries and step into my greatness. The work I did with her enabled me to finally take a leap into a whole new career and an exciting adventure of opportunities!"
    • "My most exciting meeting every month is with Helen. She has helped me create and orchestrate my outrageous authentic life. I have reached new heights and am confident that the best is yet to come."
    • JenDuff

      Program Director,

      Providence Health Care, Vancouver

    • Jeff Witter, Ph.D., PGeo,

      Principal Geoscientist

      Innovate Geothermal Ltd.    

    • "Helen is a fantastic coach. She helped me move on from a 'safe' but unfulfilling career to one that i'm passionate about and more in line with my values. She empowered me with strategies to manage uncertainty in my new career venture so that I can confidently blaze a path forward and create my own exciting future."
    • "Helen understands that the foundational requirement for positive human relationships is an authentic personal connection. Her principled and transformational approach enables these meaningful connections and shifts the coaching discovery process in a very positive way allowing you to step comfortably into the unknown."
    • Don Wills

      Associate Project Director,

      PHC Redevelopment, Vancouver

    • Linda Wu

      Quality Improvement Specialist

    • "When climbing up a steep obstacle, Helen’s insight and guidance are like that of a resting place in between each climb where she helps you to find your strengths to keep onward and never back down."
    • "In the past year alone, I’ve had the pleasure to take several courses: Situational Leadership, Coaching Out of the Box, and Clear Leadership. Inevitably after each one, I sing your praises and highly recommend your work. You make the learning accessible, applicable, enjoyable, and above all, meaningful."
    • Rebecca Yeung, PT, BScPT, MP

      Site Leader, Physiotherapy, 

      Providence Health Care, Vancouver

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